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Computer Straining Your Eyes? Here's How to Prevent it!

Whilst our lives have become dependent on computers, our bodies haven't quite accepted the idea. Every day computer users complain of blurred vision, tired eyes, gritty eyes and headaches. Many start to wear eye glasses and blame their computers. Others are convinced that their computer has caused their Myopia (nearsightedness) to worsen. High tech employees worry about radiation from the computer screen. Can the computer lead to irreversible eye damage? The good news is that extensive eye care ...
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Cheap Night Vision Goggles – Where to Buy Cheap Night Vision Binoculars

We humans cannot see very clearly in the dark and that's why cheap night vision goggles can be pretty useful in some cases. Don't worry about the 'cheap' attribute because there are some designs available on the market that offer good quality for less money. If you decide to buy yourself a pair of night vision goggles then you should try one of the following locations: Night Vision 4 Less has a wide range of products but unfortunately the prices are not cheap as you may hope but the Generation ...
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The Seller's Guide to the Buyer's Eye

The Seller's Guide to the Buyers Eye A strong tendency towards a sellers market will continue until the baby boomers finish the cycle of buying and selling real estate, estimated to end in 20 years, according to the Senior Real Estate Association. Baby boomers (born between 1946-1964) are in their peak years for real estate investment. Real estate investments will continue to be lucrative throughout the cycle. The realtor and seller must work together to develop strategies to compete in this ...
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Laser eye surgery? It is risky my brother says.

I wear eyeglasses because when I was small I used to love reading books, still do but as a result, as my mum says, my eyesight is weak. My family members are lucky because they don't need any aid for vision. I have been called many names for wearing eyeglasses, including "4 eyes" and "scientist". I have tried wearing contact lenses; they are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century but unfortunately they didn't work out for me. This is because I have a habit of washing my face and ...
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Treating Dog Cataracts With Can-C™ N-acetylcarnosine Eye Drops.

The discovery of N-acetylcarnosine, in the form of Can-C™ eye drops for the treatment and reversal of canine cataract has provided a safe and effective alternative to costly and risky eye surgery. Proven in clinical trials and in use now for over 10 years by pet owners and veterinarians around the globe, Can-C has proven itself to be the optimal treatment for dogs suffering from debilitating cataracts. N-acetylcarnosine is a special ocular form of the peptide, L-carnosine a natural ...
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Springer Spaniel Problems

What are the main problems Springer Spaniel owners experience (other than)? If you are thinking about a springer as a pet, then this biref introduction will give you an insight into what to . Overall, springers are healthy dogs, whether the Welsh or English bloodlines, but there is a set of potential conditions which often crop up in discussions about their springers. These are problems which arise from inherited genetic factors, and those which come about from environmental factors. ...
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Eye Glasses for Low Vision

Vision is the most vital part in your life. So there make no point if some one stand out and shout vision care, but the matter of fact is eye care. Stay away from the squinting habit at home or anywhere outside also. If it seems that the life of your eyes is not going to sustain then it is better to have check up or clinical test of your eyes. If you are pertaining vision problem then it is highly recommended to opt for vision care insurance as your eyes are very important. If any query in ...
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Diseases of the Eye

There are many reasons why people need artificial eyes or ocular prosthesis. Thankfully, advancements in science now allow people that have lost an eye to often adapt to their limited vision. A skilled ocularist can now create artificial eyes that so closely match the natural eye, that they typically go unnoticed. The most common cause of eye loss is trauma or injury, but many chronic eye diseases can also lead to eye removal. Five common eye diseases that can ultimately result in the removal ...
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The Best of the Best: Eye Cream Ingredients You should Look for

Every pretty picture has a center. The one that draws most of the attention and the one that exudes the most beauty in the portrait. For the face, this is the role of the eyes. They are not tagged as the windows to the soul for nothing. If they are not in their healthiest state, then the pretty portrait of your face can be sacrificed. This is the reason why we have to pay them, specifically the skin around them, a specific kind of care.   Enter the need for eye treatments that can ...
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You should do eye exercises between long hours of work on computers to improve your eyesight

Today due to bad food habits many people have weak eye sight. Also, today every thing is technologically advanced. So every company or office has a computer and every one has to work on it for hours and hours together. It is impossible to work without it. Due to all this there is terrible strain on the eye. Hence it then becomes necessary to improve eyesight to avoid further problems.   Here are some following tips which will help you to improve eyesight.
  • You should include more of
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