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Are You a Candidate for Carpal Tunnel or Other Problems?

Do you realize how many people have health problems due to working on their computers, with a less than optimal set-up? Ergonomics is a big concern, but America is still behind in appreciating the concept. We have better back stores and such, but people usually do not take the entire computer set-up into consideration. There are definite orientations of the equipment which should be made - and can make a big difference in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back strain, and ...
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Cataract Surgery - An Alternative

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself suffering from the problem of cataract, you may be forgiven for thinking that the only way to improve your sight is to undergo lens replacement surgery. This, however, is no longer the case as there is a non-invasive alternative to cataract surgery in the form of a soothing eye drop called Can-C™, This breakthrough eye drop quickly improved the visual acuity of over 90% of the cataract patients tested in controlled clinical trials. But what are ...
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Using Professional Icons for a better communication between User

/p> Using Professional Icons for a better communication between User and Aplication interface. Today's applications - either for the Web or standalone - are starting to focus more and more on the user interface. The time when you had to write lines and lines of commands or go through several menus to execute a certain task has passed. Developers have now implemented simple wizards, with on-screen help near each important element of the application, which will make even the most complicated ...
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Visit to a Doctor For Your Nails Fungus

Millions of Americans are infected by nail fungus. Most of them do not seek medical attention until their conditions worsen. Nail fungus is treatable. Like any other health problems, the earlier it is detected, the easier it will be cured. Symptoms of nail fungus infection include the following: a. Nail discoloration b. Brittle or frail nails c. Thickened nail growth d. Irregular growth of nails e. Painful affected toe A Visit to a Doctor At the early signs of nail fungus, a visit to a ...
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Why Me? Find Rosacea Treatment Solutions

What is This Rosacea Condition All About?  Rosacea is a chronic skin condition primarily on the face but can also appear on the ears, back, chest and eyes.  The symptoms can include: 
  • Flushing on the face which may involve some swelling.
  • Bumps and pimples (Acne Rosacea)
  • Inflamed red patches
  • Small blood vessels on your cheeks and nose
  • Inflammation of the eyes (Ocular Rosacea)  
What are the Causes of Rosacea?  While Doctors do not agree on the underlying causes of Rosacea, it has been ...
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Could Changes in the Weather be a Trigger Factor for a Migraine Headache?

The search for things that could trigger a migraine headache is a continuing quest for those working hard to avoid the debilitating pain which follows in the wake of a migraine attack. Perhaps the best known of all migraine triggers is stress and those of us who suffer from this neurological condition work hard at either avoiding stress altogether or mitigating the effects as much as they can. Other triggers to stay away from are alcohol, nicotine, chocolate, and even nuts.There is however some ...
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Computer Straining Your Eyes? Here's How to Prevent it!

Whilst our lives have become dependent on computers, our bodies haven't quite accepted the idea. Every day computer users complain of blurred vision, tired eyes, gritty eyes and headaches. Many start to wear eye glasses and blame their computers. Others are convinced that their computer has caused their Myopia (nearsightedness) to worsen. High tech employees worry about radiation from the computer screen. Can the computer lead to irreversible eye damage? The good news is that extensive eye care ...
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Cheap Night Vision Goggles – Where to Buy Cheap Night Vision Binoculars

We humans cannot see very clearly in the dark and that's why cheap night vision goggles can be pretty useful in some cases. Don't worry about the 'cheap' attribute because there are some designs available on the market that offer good quality for less money. If you decide to buy yourself a pair of night vision goggles then you should try one of the following locations: Night Vision 4 Less has a wide range of products but unfortunately the prices are not cheap as you may hope but the Generation ...
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The Seller's Guide to the Buyer's Eye

The Seller's Guide to the Buyers Eye A strong tendency towards a sellers market will continue until the baby boomers finish the cycle of buying and selling real estate, estimated to end in 20 years, according to the Senior Real Estate Association. Baby boomers (born between 1946-1964) are in their peak years for real estate investment. Real estate investments will continue to be lucrative throughout the cycle. The realtor and seller must work together to develop strategies to compete in this ...
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Laser eye surgery? It is risky my brother says.

I wear eyeglasses because when I was small I used to love reading books, still do but as a result, as my mum says, my eyesight is weak. My family members are lucky because they don't need any aid for vision. I have been called many names for wearing eyeglasses, including "4 eyes" and "scientist". I have tried wearing contact lenses; they are one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century but unfortunately they didn't work out for me. This is because I have a habit of washing my face and ...
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